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Important Information

1. A deposit of 50% is required to consider this an order and agreement for the above-described services. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON TRANSFERABLE for any reason. Any changes to Your order must be made at least six weeks prior to delivery/pickup date.

2. Refunds requested due to style, decorations, color/shade/tint, size of decorations or misunderstanding about the design, misunderstanding of the overall general design concept, ordering a flavor you did not like or failure to order what you actually wanted, imperfections caused by weather, heat, humidity, rain, ice, freezing, snow, or other factors beyond our control will not be honored.

3.Date changes must be made 180 days prior to delivery /pick up date. Zoe Cakes Unlimited must have availability to schedule Your new requested date.

4.  Zoe Cakes Unlimited promises a product of high quality and service, but is not liable for unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to inclement weather, transportation problems, illness, accidents, labor disputes or strikes, Acts of God, and other causes beyond reasonable control. A delay in transit shall not constitute grounds for a discount or refund.

5. Zoe Cakes Unlimited products may contain or come in contact with milk, wheat, nuts, cocoa or other allergens. While every precaution will be taken in the cases of known allergies, it remains the full responsibility of Client to inform their guests of possible allergens. Zoe Cakes Unlimited is not responsible for any allergic reactions.

6. Client assumes full responsibility for making sure all nonedible cake décor, including but not limited to, name tags, items standing up on or off of the cake(s), sugar flowers, etc. Please make sure these items are removed from the cake before it is cut and served. These items are may be made from edible materials, but are not intended for consumption, such as wires and skewers which are added for strength and flexibility to achieve the desired appearance of the cake(s). Thus, DO NOT EAT Decor. You can always call the number provided if you are not sure. Please place cakes away from guest, especially children, as they may pull items off of cake and consume. It can be a hazard and  Zoe Cakes Unlimited is not responsible.

7. If fresh flowers will be used on cake, it is the  responsibility of the florist to determine flower safety and safe food practices and not the Zoe Cakes Unlimited. You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants. I will do my best with cover steams before inserting into the cake.

8. Once You leave our shop with Your cake or the delivery person leaves our premises, No Refunds will be given. Zoe Cakes Unlimited is not responsible for how Your cake is handled, where you place the cake(s), or what you do with the cake(s) once the cake is delivered or picked up.

9. The Customer or a representative must be at the cake delivery location at the arranged time of the delivery.  Zoe Cakes Unlimited will give up to a 30 minute grace period to allow the Client to arrive. Any time greater than 30 minutes will result in Your cake being picked at the shop.

10. Zoe Cakes Unlimited is not responsible for any damage to the cake after setup is complete. You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and friendly environment for the cake(s). Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table, and optimal room temperature of 70 degrees or below.

11. Outdoor Delivery Disclaimer: Client understands that Zoe Cakes Unlimited is not responsible for the condition of products following outdoor setup. Due to the effects of outdoor weather conditions, table not being on level ground, wind blowing, undesirable atmospheric items (e.g., dirt, leaves, or branches), sunlight, insects and other wildlife, it is understood that products such as icings, fillings, cake decorations, etc., may not hold up and cannot be insured past satisfactory delivery.

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